Monday, May 30, 2011

100 books in 5 years

I’m following the crowd and embarking on the FILL THE GAPS 100 PROJECT. What a fabulous idea! Even though there will be lots of books written and published in the next five years which I’m sure I will want to read, this list is a great way to read those books I’ve been meaning to read for aaaaages. I’m so excited about this list! I just want to quit my job and read for the rest of my life.

Some of them are classics, some recommended by friends, and some are stories which have been made into movies – I just love going right back to the beginning and reading the story that inspired the movie. There’s also a bit of New Zealand fiction scattered in there.

My five year quest begins today: May 30, 2011 and ends on May 30, 2016.

So here is my list (it has it's very own page)

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  1. I should do this - how many books I want to read - every time I see them... and then... well yeah...