Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All that we Remember: Hard to forget

All that we Remember
By Zoe Adams

When a young woman loses her memory in a traumatic car accident, she returns to her family home, a gorgeous mansion set high on the cliffs of Napier, to retrieve her memories. Long lost ghosts and family secrets intrude on Aimee's dreams as she is haunted by someone else's memories.

A surprising and reckless journey into the afterlife, All that we Remember is a captivating New Zealand novel.

I can't tell you if the author Zoe Adams is a New Zealander or what inspired her to write the book, as she wishes to remain anonymous.

A slow starter, All that we Remember is a book that impatient readers would give up on quickly, but once past the middle point it gets hard to put down, to the point of staying up until 3am to finish it.

Somewhere around the middle of the story, the cracks start to show and things get a little confusing. There is an "oh my gosh" moment when you think you've figured out the twist, but realize later on that you are wrong. It is not short of twists and will stop you short at the end.

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