Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Twenty-three years ago today, a little girl named Sarah was born. She had jet-black hair and a big red birthmark between her eyebrows, and was so very cute. She grew up in a loving household with her parents, who have now been married 28 years, her younger brother and younger sister, her kitty cat Nuggie who is now 14 years old, and four different dogs. It's been a great 23 years, and among times of devastation, heartbreak and sadness, there have been so many more happy times thanks to her gorgeous family and amazing partner who has been by her side for four years.

So today, I plan to treat myself to a nice, expensive lunch at my favourite cafe in Masterton, the Ten O'Clock Cookie and then head over the hill to see my partner and my family. Mum's putting on a roast pork for me - my favourite! And Golden Steamed Pudding and Chocolate Chippie Log (mum's own creation) for dessert. (See what I mean about my life revolving around food!)

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