Thursday, June 9, 2011

More on the Mother's Group

So for some reason Blogger won't let me comment on my own blog, so to add to yesterday's post, it's really the structure of the thing I'm struggling with.
I'm trying to decide whether to tell the story in order from start to finish in a novel-type format, but then there are so many different scattered memories over the 36 people in the group.
Or should I go family by family?
Or generation by generation (there's four different generations born within two years of each other)?
Or scatter the memories through a novel-type format?
Or do one page per person?
And then there's the "extras" (new spouses/step kids etc) who have unofficially joined the group over the years as a couple of marriages broke up and people remarried.
Maybe looking at some old photos might give me inspiration... hhmm

I suppose I just need to start asking everyone if they're in, which is a bit nerve-wracking because even though they're all like family, some of them may think it's a dumb idea... lol.

So thanks for your comments and keep them coming!
Sarah xo

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  1. I would like to see each family develop as time goes on. For example, I would like to read about each family every year, with a chapter for each. One book I've reviewed, The Imperfectionists handles it that way with each character having their own chapter, but they are interwoven throughout other chapters. So, in a way, it's like a book of short stories. Does that make sense?