Thursday, June 2, 2011

NZ's raunchiest read ever

Saw a story on this writer and her new book, which hit stores yesterday, on Stuff this morning and thought it was interesting. It's not often you get something like this come out of New Zealand, so I'm very keen to read it. It's called Scarlet by Leigh Marsden, and its publisher, Penguin, has described it as the sexiest read they've ever released. Everyone likes a good raunchy novel!

Here's the synopsis taken from Leigh Marsden's Website:

George is captivated by Cass and who can blame her? Cass is beautiful, sexy and outgoing and she and George run riot through the bars and beds of night-time Auckland.
But are George and Cass just girls having fun, or is there something more going on? As George sinks deeper into the nightlife her dark past begins to emerge. And who is Cass? Is she a friend, a lover or something much more dangerous?
Scarlet is an addictive tale of love, lust and betrayal that will leave you breathless.

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