Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A new page for your reading pleasure

For those of you just dying to know what my novel is about after reading excerpts one, two and three, I have added a new page and FINALLY revealed what Missing Since Tuesday is all about. You will see my new page above, which is called... wait for it... Missing Since Tuesday. As well as a synopsis of the book, I will also post all the excerpts I post on my blog so you can refer to them whenever you like without trawling through my blog.

So here is my little synopsis. Tell me what you think. Are you excited? Intrigued? Would you buy Missing Since Tuesday?

In New Zealand's captial city of Wellington in 2010, Duncan Grant lives a normal life. At 21, he lives with his widowed mother in the quiet suburban town of Lower Hutt where nothing interesting ever happens, and studies history at Victoria University, where he meets a chatty, popular girl named Maria who is drawn to him just as he is drawn to her, despite their polar opposite personalities. Their unconventional love story faces some challenging hurdles, and is shattered one day at the mythical Red Rocks on Wellington's South Coast where Maria slips and falls into the violent sea - or so they think.

On his death bed, Duncan's grandfather tells him the secret of the rocks - they have the power to send certain people back in time - and, determined to save the love of his life, Duncan finds himself in the midst of World War Two and the lives of his sister Sophia, a drop-dead gorgeous soldier and part-time pianist named Arthur and his war-time sweetheart Molly are changed forever by the events that follow in the race against time to bring everyone back to where they belong.

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  1. I love the idea for your story and would pick it off the shelf from the second paragraph there. Chasing love through time and into a world turned upside by war. It's got all the makings of an epic love story. :)