Friday, July 15, 2011

This is where I live!

So today I went on a little adventure on some country roads around where I live and ended up stopping the car every five seconds along this one stretch of road on my way back to take photos of the beautiful mountains sprinkled with snow, which I can also see when I drive out of my street on a frosty, blue-sky morning - what a way to start the morning :)

I drove over the hill and could see the mountains in the distance...

And then I was greeted with beautiful snowy mountains, which I snapped through some lucious green trees

 And there they were, right infront of me.

Even though I don't plan on living here for much longer, I do love driving on country roads, appreciating the very best this beautiful country has to offer.


  1. So beautiful. Why would you move?

  2. It is so beautiful and I miss it! Though I know I will appreciate it so much more once I'm back. (I've been living in Manchester for the past 2 years and have another couple years yet.)