Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dreaming of Iceland

I've added another country to my "list of places to go on my Big OE"....... ICELAND!
It's a place I never would have thought of going, but I saw it mentioned in a wedding blog this morning, Googled it, and now I'm hooked.
I even texted my partner and he replied, "Really? Iceland? You want to go everywhere." Yeah... I do this a lot... lol. So instead of talking about it, here are some pictures I found on Google - beautiful!

Anyone ever been there? It's a looooong way from New Zealand, but it looks quite similar. :)

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  1. I've always wanted to go there but I'm afraid it will make me feel inadequate. Supposedly Icelandic women are the most beautiful in the world. You, on the other hand, will fit right in. ;o)

  2. Well, Iceland is somehow similar to New Zealand, but not as much. Norway is much more similar :-) And thanks for selecting my photo to show here :-)