Monday, August 8, 2011

Eleven Hours: review

Wow. Eleven Hours. I read it in about two.

Heavily pregnant and not at all comfortable in the relentless heat, Didi Wood is leaving for home, moving slowly through her regular routine of shopping, husband, children, with the extra excitement of the imminent baby always at the back of her mind.
And then she is bundled into the back of a car and kidnapped by a desperate young man.
What does he want? Where are they going?
Only the excruciating tension of the next eleven hours will tell.

I found this book at my local library for sale for $1, and picked it up instantly on seeing Paullina Simons on the cover. Incase you haven't noticed, I LOVE Paullina Simons after reading The Bronze Horseman, Bridge to Holy Cross, The Summer Garden, and Tully.

She is a brilliant writer, and although Eleven Hours is one of her earlier books, it is no less impressive than her recent ones. As soon as I bought it, I began reading it and was on the edge of my seat in about two seconds, despite the fact I am still reading Goodbye Sarajevo and Pride and Prejudice.

The story goes back and forth between Didi's terrifying ordeal and her husband Rich's desperate search for her, and is extremely hard to put down because it's one of those books, like the ones Jodi Picoult writes, that has very short chapters, so you're desperate to know the next step. What will the kidnapper do next? What will Rich and the police find out next? Will they find her before something more devastating happens?

Read it and find out...

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