Monday, August 29, 2011

The miracle of life

Yesterday I witnessed the miracle of life. Dad, sister and I went for our usual Sunday walk with the dog down by the river. On one side of the path sits the river, and farmland extends along the other side.
We walked up to the end of the trail past the farmland not noticing anything amiss. Then we turned around and walked back, and saw about five cows grouped together with their noses to the ground.

We stopped and looked a little closer, and saw a tiny little calf scrunched up on the ground. The cows had their noses to the ground because they were all taking turns to nudge the little calf, which was trying to stand up, it's skinny little legs wobbling as it got halfway up and collapsed back to the ground. I'm told calves stand up very soon after birth, so we stood there on the gravel path, all four of us silent, including the dog who never sits still, gob-smacked at the fact that we were witnessing the first few minutes of the little calf’s life.

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