Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another one to add to the list...

As much as I love it when new and exciting books are released, sometimes I wish they would stop so I can catch up - I have so many books to read and it seems like every time I visit a book shop there's a new one I want to add to my ever-growing list.

The latest one is A Man You Can Bank On by Derek Hansen. Here's the synopsis from Good Reads:

Is it a CRIME to steal from bookies?

Can you TRUST an ex-Bank Manager?

Lambert Hampton is the man the Munni-Munni locals allturn to, and for good reason. This former bank manager helped them transform three million dollars - stolen from bookies by a gang of robbers - into a rescue package for their dying town.

But now the day of reckoning has come.

The crims want the money.
The cops want the money.
A rogue insurance investigator wants the money.
And so do Australia's two most notorious hit men.

In trying to save his town, Lambert is forced to risk everything - his life, the lives of the town folk, his own daughter, ten thousand barramundi and a really lovable Jack Russell.

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