Monday, September 5, 2011

Do you remember the moment?

 At first I thought it was when I was an office temp and I was talking to another office temp and she said she had been a journalist in Napier before. With no idea what to do with my life after coming back from the most amazing experience of my life in the USA teaching Jewish kids art at summer camp and travelling through about 25 states in three weeks, that moment had a big impact on my career, as it spurred me to Google journalism courses, and, before I knew it, I was enrolled.

But, the thing that really sparked my passion for journalism was a movie: 13 Going on 30. Yes, it's corny and yes, it's the biggest chick-flick, but back in the days when, on any given day, I wanted to be an astronaut, a travelling artist, and interior designer, or a children's book illustrator, this movie added another career possibility to my list.

I loved everything about the glamour of being a fashion magazine editor: the glamorous clothes, the big modern office, and the ability to control the design of the magazine - especially at the end when they do a total overhaul. I also loved 13-year-old Jenna in 30-year-old Jenna's body's perspective. Wouldn't it be a happy world if we all brought that type of innocence into the office?

After watching it yesterday, it has reignited my passion for the job, and I think sometimes, no matter what type of job you have, we all need to be reminded why we do it.

I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something at the moment, and hopefully that thing is a new step in my life. My journalism mojo is back, I'm writing like I'm on speed (but it's actually just coffee...), I'm reading like a nutter, everyone around me is happy, I'm loving my job, and, after interviewing amazing photographer Esther Bunning, my passion for photography is back. Surely life isn't supposed to be this good right? But maybe it is, considering I'm a magnet for bad luck - maybe the universe is finally smiling on me and giving me some good luck.

So, what was the moment that set you off on your career path?


  1. I knew when I was in grammar school. Always wanted to do something technical. Drew a lot of structures and the like. Studied engineering; worked in nuclear power for 13 years. Then Three Mile Island occurred. Back to school for an MBA in finance. Now I run the utility portfolio for a global bank, providing banking services for all those utility clients for whom we used to design power plants.

  2. Keep it up and I am so enjoyed reading your articles.

    My friend,


  3. A very special week, filled with wonderful moments and memories, and beautiful photographs too!

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