Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A confidence boost from that perfect piece of clothing

Confidence comes in many, sometimes surprising, forms. It may be a compliment, it may be a good hair day or a new hair cut. For me, it's usually a good skin day that does it, but on the weekend, I found that perfect piece of clothing that made me put my shoulders even further back, my chin up, and put heels on my feet.

It was just a little black blazer.

Isn't it amazing how, when you go to the mall with money in the bank and the intention of buying something you've wanted for awhile, you look in every single damn shop and you can't find it? Well, a few weeks ago, all I wanted was a short, three-quarter length sleeve black blazer. I looked in every shop in my price range and found one blazer that would have been perfect, except for the fact that it was made for the most out of proportion girl imaginable - let's just say size six waist and G-cup boobs. Yeah. Not going to happen.

So I went shopping again last weekend for some nice tops to wear to work in the summer, and again found nothing that suited me - everything was so baggy and floaty... no tops that flattered the figure, just ones to hide it. BUT, as I was at the end of my tether in Cotton On, a place I shop rarely because their clothes don't last very long, a little black blazer hidden at the back of the shop caught my eye. I picked up my size, not getting my hopes up at all, and took it to the changing room along with about five other failed tops. Slipped it over my shoulders, and VOILA! It was the most perfect fit of any piece of clothing I have ever tried on in my life! To make it even better, I went to pay for the $44.99 blazer and was charged $39.99!

It's one of those pieces of clothing that goes with pretty much everything and this $39.99 wonder has transformed my wardrobe, and my somewhat grouchy attitude towards the available fashion at the moment.

Have you experienced a fashion miracle lately?

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