Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rockin' a new hairstyle

I'm always changing my hair. I like a bit of variety, and every time I get a haircut (unless it's an awful one), it feels like a breath of fresh air, a new start. It's truly amazing how much confidence a new hairstyle can give you, especially when it's a really daring one that you're nervous about and it turns out looking amazing.
This latest haircut is probably the shortest I've ever had, and although I worried at first about it not being the right fit for my face, I absolutely love it! It's the perfect haircut for summer, and I feel like I'm no longer hiding behind my hair like I have for so long since having bad acne as a teenager.
My only wish is for Mother Nature to turn the temperature up a bit and bring on summer so I can show it off!

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