Monday, November 28, 2011

Please respect my vote

Down here in New Zealand, it is easy for our people to take things way out of perspective, being so far away from the rest of the world. This year’s general election took on a whole new dimension with the advent of sites like Facebook and the increasing number of people who find their voice online, and while that can be good, there was, and still is, a surprising amount of anger gracing my newsfeed the day after the election.

With the anger has also come disrespect, which has been keeping me awake at night.

It’s like religion. In my family, my parents, my siblings and I are all baptized but the only ones of us who go to church are me, my dad, and my sister, and it’s only once a year – on Christmas Eve. My great-grandfather was a minister and my grandparents were all highly religious. So although we don’t practice religion, we respected their beliefs, and still do although none of them are around to practice them anymore.

I hate when people from different religions come to my door or hand me flyers or preach at me in the streets to try and lure me into their way of life. The way I see it, I have my beliefs and I respect yours, but don’t push your beliefs on me because I won’t push mine on you. I live my life the way I want.

The same goes for election time, and the only difference is that the door knocking, flyers and preaching is replaced with cowardly, faceless comments on Facebook.

I voted National.

National won the election.

Why? Because 48% of New Zealand voted for them, as opposed to the 27% who voted for Labour.

I don’t feel the need to justify my vote, but I did think it through, despite those Labour supporters who think not one National voter thought about their vote and just voted for them because John Key is a good kiwi bloke. We had our reasons just like you had your reasons.

And most of us are smart people, despite those Labour supporters calling us F***ing idiots for not having the same opinion as them. We’re not calling you names because you voted for the weakest party of the two.

So, voters, feel free to talk about your political beliefs on Facebook, but have some respect for your fellow kiwis.

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