Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ticking off the Bucket List

I have a new page! It's called Bucket List and it contains, yep, you guessed it - my Bucket List! All 80 items of it...

Everyone should have a Bucket List. It gets you motivated to do things you've always wanted to do instead of sitting there watching TV and an advert comes on saying "when was the last time you were Fiji'd?" and you say, "Oh, I've always wanted to go to Fiji", but make no move to actually save for it.
So next year, since most of my list is travel stuff, which I'm saving for in 2012 so I'm a homebody for the year, I'm planning to cross off:

7. Learn to play guitar

38. Learn how to cook a roast

67. Get a New Zealand tattoo

72. See Kitty, Daisy and Lewis in concert

77. Learn to make pasta from scratch

80. Learn to make sorbet

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