Friday, March 16, 2012

Strangely beautiful

The weekend before last, my partner and I were driving past Petone Beach a day after the "weather bomb", which included buckets and buckets of rain and gale force winds that battered the whole country for a day, and he pointed out how "ugly" the beach looked with tree branches and all sorts of debris washed up from the storm.
"It's kind of beautiful in a weird kind of way," I said, and he turned to me with that crease between his eyebrows that he gets when I say something odd, "You find beauty in the strangest things," he said.
He's right, I do. Crumbling down houses are beautiful because, although they will most likely be torn down one day or give in to the elements and simply crumble, once upon a time it was brand new, and someone lived there, families were raised there, there was a story. Washed up debris on the beach after a fierce storm is beautiful because it makes us humans aware of our vulnerability and how no man is a match for Mother Nature.
So that is why I want to show you this town in America that has just gone up for sale.
It's called Buford, it's in Wyoming, and it's population is: 1.

Isn't it fun to dream?

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