Friday, March 30, 2012

Surprising myself

Have you ever written something on a whim, with no idea where you're going with it, and get to the end and think "Yeah, it's alright" then, a few days later you read it again and you almost say out loud, "Wow, did I really write this? It's pretty good."
This happens to me every so often, and when it does, I feel almost sick with excitement and pride, and a little - okay, a lot - modest. But today I've decided not to be modest about it and share this small passage with you from my novel, Missing Since Tuesday. I think it's rather good. What do you think? Have you had a moment like this and would like to share? Leave me a comment or a link, don't be shy!

As the black chill of a cold July night enfolds the town of Owhiro Bay, a cloud of chimney smoke hovers over its small collection of houses as its residents retreat indoors, lighting fires to warm numb hands. Mothers cooks their families hearty winter meals; piping hot chunks of beef and potato swimming in thick gravy; steaming vegetable soup bubbling on the stove; sausage meat, mince and vegetables mushed together to form mum’s famous meatloaf.

When the children are tucked up in bed and their parents enjoy a moment of solace in front of the fire, they listen to the distant waves crashing against the rocky shore, a sound that makes them thankful to be inside and lulls the little ones to sleep.
Just a few hundred metres away on that rocky shore, a young man dressed in a once immaculate suit and tie walks out of time to the tune of the ocean as he stumbles over the rocks and his own feet as if in a dream, or rather, a nightmare, willing the movement to wake him up because the howling wind and stinging rain that burns his cheeks is simply not enough.
He trips one last time, this time on a piece of driftwood, and tumbles to the ground where he lies staring up at the grey clouds above that match the colour of his heart.
Sleep finally finds him, though he wonders if it is death in disguise as the rain pounds his sodden body, but he gives into it, content with the promise of relief from his pain, whether he wakes up from it or not.

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  1. It's certainly an extract that makes me want to read more! Haven't we all been so tired like the male character here?

    I have written tons of my blog on a whim, but nothing as creative as this!