Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday :)

How was your weekend? Get up to anything interesting? Mine was spent loitering around the house doing all those little things that get forgotten in the frantic rush that is life right now, like sorting out all those photos that were taken out of albums for frames or parties and end up sitting around in random places, and organising my mess of files on my computer - which means you'll actually see some decent blog posts this week since I'm all organised with a plan!

Oh, and my weekend also consisted of:

Realising it's nearly 2015 and we don't have flying cars and fax machines are a thing of the past - maybe they'll make a comeback in the next three years? - Lessons learnt from Back to the Future part 2 at the Embassy Theatre.

Arming myself with Flaxseed Oil and a wonderful book called The Healthy Skin Diet because I decided I'm too old for acne, so I'm going to give my skin a kick up the bum so it looks amazing for next summer.

Learning why Marilyn Monroe was such a sex symbol by watching Some Like it Hot - wowee she sure was something, wasn't she?


  1. I will always remember my old science teacher at school telling us about when he watched the moon landings on TV and thought that by now, back in 1995, we'd all be living on the moon. No matter how fast we think things have changed, there's so many ways in which they haven't or even won't.

    Marilyn was extraordinary! Enough said.

    I have to say I spent my weekend with sports, like most weekends. Unfortunately, I have a two break from work so anything I have to do that's work related is left to days like today.

    I know it's Tuesday already where I am, and fast approaching Wednesday where you are, Sarah, but Monday is the best day of the week, so Happy Monday!!!

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  3. Hi Mike, thanks so much for the follow, glad you enjoy my blog:) I am now a follower of your blog too. Have a lovely day :)