Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life of late

Life of late has been pretty sweet.
All the leaves on the trees are falling, hailing the beginning of my favourite season - Autumn - that beautiful season when the leaves on the trees turn into all my favourite colours and I can't stop snapping photos of them; when you get to snuggle up by the fire in a warm blanket and watch movies at night; when you swaddle yourself with scarves and hats and woolly clothes; when soup becomes a part of your diet; when the sun shines yet the air is like ice and you breathe it in because it's so fresh - there are just so many great things about autumn!
Also, my kitty cat Nuggie in the middle there gave me a rare snuggle before we left for the Wairarapa... she's the grouchiest cat you'll ever meet and hates being picked up...
Oh yeah, I also watched my brother and my dad jump out of a plane.

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