Friday, May 25, 2012

Seriously cool NZ holidays

Isn't it funny how we dream of travelling to distant and exotic lands, but sometimes you only have to look around you to realise some of the coolest places on earth are right in your backyard?
I stumbled across an article about the strangest places in NZ to stay on The Dominion Post website the other day and, because I'm a sucker for the weird and wonderful, I was so excited that these amazing places were so close to home. So I'm thinking most of them are going on my bucket list.

Solscape, Raglan: This place is amazing! There are eco-friendly cottages, an "Earth Dome", and, best of all, tipis! I think I would like to stay in a tipi.

The Boot, Nelson: Just like a fairytale...

The Giant's House, Akaroa: This place looks so quirky, like something out of Dr Seuss' head.

Maruia Springs, Lewis Pass: Relaxation anyone? Love the South Island.

Oh, and while I'm travelling, I think I'll go visit the coolest restaurant in NZ, The Redwoods Treehouse. Yep, it's a restaurant in a tree!

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  1. I used to live in New Zealand. I miss it so much, it is the most amzing country.

    Anyway, I found you over on Book blogs and followed! I would love it if you checked out my book blog to. Thank, kate.