Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cycling in style

So Joshua and I are very, very close to getting a place of our own, and while, in my head, I'm taking inventory of all the kitchen stuff and furniture stashed in my parents' garage which I finally get to use and deciding where it will go in our cute little one-bedroom possible house, I'm also thinking about bikes.
See, we will be sharing a car, so while he's at work on weekends I won't have wheels. So now I'm thinking about getting myself a bike, but not just any bike... a vintage one. A bike that is all about poise and grace, that lets you sit upright, head back, chest held high. A bike on which I can cruise the city streets on a brisk, sunny Wellington day, on which I can ride to the veggie market at the river bank on a Saturday morning and pile up my wicker basket hanging on my handle bars with fresh fruit and veggies for the week, before stopping for a coffee at an eclectic cafe then heading home via the beach. Bliss!
I found a website that lets you make your own vintage bike, called Urban Outfitters, but was sorely disappointed when I found out that they don't operate in New Zealand or even Australia. :(as I expected... we don't have anything this cool in lil' ol' NZ) But, I made one anyway and I plan to find a second hand vintage bike and do it up myself, as close as I can get to this one:

And, here's what we would all look like if we had one of these bikes - godesses, of course!

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