Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Monday :)

Good morning all, and a Happy Monday to you! Apologies for the lack of posts last week - I've been sick with a horrible stomach bug, so the week was spent lying on the couch watching movies and a little bit of Jeremy Kyle, and sleeping a lot. But I'm all good now - although I have shrunk because I haven't been eating much - and there are lots of fabulous things happening at the moment which you will hear about this week.
For one day at least, being sick last week was a blessing in disguise - on Thursday I had a sudden burst of energy and decided to haul all of my notes into the lounge and work out a timeline for my novel, so now I have every single chapter planned and ready to write (and I realised I've already written half of them) so I couldn't be more excited! So hopefully, if I get my ass into gear and actually write, I may treat you, dear readers, to some more previews, which I will admit have been scarce lately.
So have a fabulous Monday everyone! xo

Oh, and this here Snugget was my best friend last week - sooooo warm and cozy! The best thing since chicken soup for when you're sick.

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