Tuesday, July 24, 2012


In just two and a half days time, Joshua and I will have the keys to our new home, so naturally, I've been pinning like crazy dreaming of ways to make the cozy little space our own. I love that it's so close to everything - the supermarket, the river, the beach, the mall, cafe's, restaurants - and although it's small, it's exactly what we need at this point in our lives, and it's the perfect lauching pad for bigger, even more exciting things to come in the near future. Sometimes I think it's almost too good to be true, but then I remind myself that we've had a complicated last five years with career goals and personal dreams getting in the way of us living together, but through it all our relationship has been solid as a rock and that's the most important thing, and now we've come to a point where our goals and dreams work together, so we deserve this, we deserve perfect for awhile.

So although we can't paint walls or anything because we're renting, and although we don't have a lot of space for any extravagant furniture, we can still add little personal touches to make it our own.

I was inspired by all these great chalkboard ideas I came across on Pinterest, so I found some chalkboard paint and an offcut of MDF at Bunnings on the weekend and made us two chalkboards - I'm thinking we can use one to plan meals and one for general mucking around and immaturity...

This would be a good idea for keys etc - we're both always misplacing our keys, cellphones, wallets...

This would be cute for the coffee table, which is not actually a table, it's a beautiful old trunk I found at a second hand shop that was used as a travelling trunk about 60 years ago - it's all chipped and battered with old stickers half torn off that look like they've moulded into the wood over time. (Yes, I'll post photos later).

These would be cute to hang up when we have company.

We both love cooking, and I love, love, love herbs, so since we don't have any outside space, I reckon we'll make an indoor herb garden.

And I think one day we should make a fort, just because we can...


  1. There's always a reason to make a fort :) Love the board idea's too!
    Now following you on Pinterest

  2. Love the ideas you have for your new home:)