Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Classy, fabulous sister

On Saturday my sister went to her last ever school ball. Doesn't she look gorgeous?! Of all the balls she's been to, she's never paid to get her hair or makeup done - I always do it for her and every year it's one of those afternoons that you just treasure. Sitting in her bedroom curling, straightening, spraying, pinning, and talking non-stop has always been something we both look forward to. I've been doing her hair ever since she got hair as a little one. Makes me a little sad that she's not going to any more balls, but I'm sure we'll have other events in the future to primp for and gossip over. I keep having to remind myself that my baby sister is an adult now, it happened so fast! One minute she's the world's cutest toddler with wispy nearly white hair, buck teeth, chubby cheeks and a motor mouth, and next minute she looks like this... and is about to leave school and experience all that the big wide world has to offer. Love you sister xo

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