Friday, August 10, 2012

Dreaming of... relaxing in Tuscany

For our Big OE, visiting Italy is the one non-negotiable on the extensive list of places we want to go, and it's a place we're hoping to spend at least two weeks travelling around, taking it all in. When I think of Tuscany, I think of rural Tuscany. Low slowly rolling hills, farmland stretching for miles complimented with huge rolls of hay, rows and rows of perfectly kept grapevines used to make some of the world's best wine, and massive old farmhouses lived in by generations of the same family, who sit together at a big scuffed and scratched table eating mamma's pasta.

When I think of us acutally visiting Tuscany, I imagine the two of us sitting on the edge of a rickety wooden trailer, sun beating down on our floppy straw hats, getting towed around these beautiful scenes with an old Italian man shouting stories at us from the passenger seat. We stop to pick some fresh fruit, to try some wine, and for lunch we sit outside at quaint cafe on wooden seats slurping up our pasta.

And at the end of the day, we sink into the warm embrace of the thermal baths in Saturnia...

Have a lovely weekend folks, and dream a little dream...

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  1. Such beautiful photos Sara! I have been looking at Vacation rentals in Italy just so I can go to Tuscany. Pictures like yours are one of the main reasons I can't wait to go. Thank you for sharing this with us!