Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vintage heaven

On Saturday, my mum, my sister and I took a trip to Vintage Heaven - yes, it's an actual place, otherwise known as Cuba Street, Wellington. For vintage lovers, even if you don't have any money to spend, a day spent wandering up and down Cuba Street is pure bliss. There's cheap second-hand clothing, well-priced designer vintage, furniture, records, jewellery, books... all in the one street.
My sister and I are never ones to follow the crowd when it comes to fashion, and when ball season rolls around, the last thing we want is to look like everybody else, to buy the same old satin dress from Pagani or Stax that about three other people are wearing. And so we shop vintage.
Last year we were extremely lucky - we found a $20 dress for her and we all ended up buying dresses for ourselves, just because we could - there was almost too much choice. But this year is her last ball, so naturally she was allowed to be extra fussy, and nothing "jumped out" at us, nothing hit us square in the face and said "you must buy me!" as per usual... and we had nearly exhausted every vintage shop we knew of... until we spotted a sign that said Eva's Attic. Crossing our fingers that we would find a gem up there, we made our way up the extremely steep and rickety old staircase to the hidden little nook.
There wasn't much on the racks, but then we looked up and spotted a nice looking coral/peach dress circa about 1950s and she almost didn't try it on, being in one of those "all hope is lost, we're never going to find anything, let's just go home" kind of moods, but I made her try it on and we're glad she did, because it was absolutely gorgeous. It's always an amazing feeling when you find that one-off vintage piece that fits you perfectly, and this one did - she's going to look so freakin' gorgeous! It was only $40, and the best thing about it was that that money went to charity - Eva's Attic is run by volunteers and all their profits go to charity, pretty great huh?


  1. I haven't spent much time in Wellington but when I am down there, Cuba St is a must! Great pics, love the sparkly numbers in the last photo. Would love to see a pic of the dress - I work in a museum and curated a show about Hamilton Women in the 1950s, and loved all the dresses we pulled out. Hooray for a dress NOT from stax! ; )