Thursday, August 16, 2012

Would you read this book?

Missing Since Tuesday
by Sarah Hardie

It's the year 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand, where orphans Duncan and Sophia Grant live quiet, often lonely lives. He studies history; she struggles through a thankless government job.
Duncan meets a chatty, popular girl named Maria who is drawn to him just as he is drawn to her, despite their polar opposite personalities. Their fragile partnership is doomed from the start, and is shattered one day at Wellington's rugged south coast where Maria slips and falls into the violent sea - or so they think.

On his death bed, Duncan's grandfather tells him the secret of the rocks - they have the power to send people back in time and, determined to save the love of his life, a frantic Duncan, who is slowly losing his sense of reality, finds himself in the midst of World War Two.

Worried for her brother, Sophia follows and begins her own love story with Arthur, a railway worker who has also lost the love of his life, though to murder, not accident, and once their paths cross, powerful secrets are revealed that will test their relationship and their individual lives, which are changed forever as they all chase love through time in a world turned upside down by war, racing against the clock to bring everyone back to where they belong.

This is the blurb to my first novel-in-progress... what do you think? Would you read it?


  1. Read the book and frankly...see the MOVie..I love the idea of TIME TRAVEL!!!

  2. Sounds pretty interesting. I would read it..

  3. I would for sure read this!! Sounds like a great one!!!

  4. Yes! I would read this book!

  5. I'm a new follower, and yes, I'd read this book. A double love story and hope for the brother? Too good to be true!

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  6. Yes, I would definitely read this book. It's good
    AND it's well written :)

  7. Glad you didn't mind my comments. Let us know when this novel is available!