Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fashion idols

I don't usually write about fashion, but after reading this post about the Kennedys' photographer on the Huffington Post website, it got me thinking about the women whose fashion I admire. I personally love those women who don't overdo it. They dress with class, grace, and glamour - something the fashion industry could take note of now and again these days in my opinion.

Audrey Hepburn has always been my number one fashion idol. She was the very essence of simple beauty. How little it would take to achive her level of fashion, yet how much of an impact would it make? The short simple haircut that frames her face, the contrast of black and white, the shirts, the high necklines, the tailored dresses. Stunning.

Jackie Kennedy was such a fabulously feminine power dresser. She managed to exude confidence and intelligence while also being approachable and lovely. All class.

Kate Middleton is a new favourite. I suppose as a royal she has to keep it classy (although, if you remember Beatrice's hat at the wedding, it appears not all of the royals agree), and I just love, love, love her style. She has never worn anything I didn't like. And she's just so lovely, always smiling.

Who are your fashion idols?

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