Friday, September 28, 2012

Flying high Friday

There's been a lot of talk about dreams this week, which has been so uplifting and inspiring all round. First there's my own - my dream of becoming a published author. As I said last Friday, I've been in a major writing zone lately, and the results have been fantastic. I'm churning out chapters like nobody's business and it feels great. I was interviewed about my life and my work over at Clancy Tucker's blog this week, who referred to me as an "emerging author" which was a bit of a thrill. I've also decided to start writing a few short stories and articles and submit them to magazines so I can get my work "out there" and I've been looking at a few things I can do to get my work seen by the right people (but I won't tell you what those are yet, don't want to jinx it). I feel like I'm getting closer to my dream every day. The more Twitter followers, blog followers, blog views and comments I get and the more chapters I churn out, the more confident I become that, as hard as it is to get published in New Zealand, where there's a very low demand for local fiction, I will get there with hard work and continued support from the people around me.
Then there's my handsome, intelligent, talented partner Joshua, who is at the end of a four-year slog at uni and currently has opportunities for when he graduates coming out of his ears. I won't say too much, don't want to embarrass the poor boy, but I will say this. I'm so freakin' proud!
And finally, there's my friend Michelle Phillips, who I don't see much, but who is a friend from school and a fabulous, beautiful person. She's the kind of person I admire because when she wants to do something, she does it, and she's now doing what she always dreamed of doing all the way back in school. She married a fabulous guy in March and together they've made their dream of starting a photography business a reality and launched their website for Patina Photography yesterday. Go and check it out, their photography is stunning!

So no need to list the things making me happy this week. Following my dreams and seeing others follow theirs is enough for me. ♥ 

Have a lovely weekend people!  I'm so excited, daylight savings starts on Sunday here in NZ! Summer here we come!!


  1. This really touched me... I've been debating whether or not I'm too old to pursue my dream...and still debating...but this entry gave me hope. Thank you


  2. Hi, Sarah. One of your newest followers here.
    Enjoy your summer. You can have it! *laughs* I live in the California Central Valley where we get 107 degree weather. It is fall now, although still quite hot and will be until we get closer to Halloween.
    I want to applaud and encourage you to chase your dream of being publisher. I started writing horror in high school and community college, but discontinued as family began to take shape. It wasn't until I turned 38 that I really began to feel the regret that I would have if I didn't give it that one last shot. I dusted off that manuscript, finished it and sought publication. It took 18 months to find someone willing to "climb out on that limb with me", but I ultimately did. My debut was published in 2010. I have since lost that small publisher and have gone full-Indie, but in many ways I'm still living that dream. I just got myself up on Amazon and have the sequel to that vampire novel due any day from a professional editor.
    There are so many ways to become published these days - chase the avenues that feel right to you, but never give up.
    Have a great weekend.


  3. Sarah how your dreams are? We are Italian, thanks for posting Sophia Loren ....

    have a lovely saturday

    xoxo Lelli, italian fashion family