Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meeting an idol

Last night I got to meet one of my author idols, Joanne Harris, who is touring to promote her new book, Peaches for Monsieur le Cure, which continues the story of Vianne Rocher, who we first met in Chocolat and then again in The Lollipop Shoes.
It was a wonderful experience hearing the author herself talk about the books we know and love. Someone asked her how much research she does for each book, and she basically said she rarely does research - she writes what she knows - and it shows in her writing. She writes with so much heart and that, to me, is what makes her books so fantastic.
It was also wonderful hearing her read from Peaches and talk about the characters; about how she never intended to write another book about Vianne, but she felt, in the end, that she and Vianne both had unfinished business with Lasquenet, so they were inevitably led back there.
I can't wait to sink my teeth into Peaches - but it's been a long time since I read Chocolat and The Lollipop shoes, so I may have to track down some copies and refresh my memory. And having a signed copy always makes reading it all the more exciting.

Have you ever met your author idol?

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