Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apparently I'm a "Pescaterian"

I've always been a big meat eater. I was always the one standing with dad by the barbecue taste testing the steak, the one who devoured the Christmas ham, the one whose favourite pizza was meatlovers.
But about three weeks ago, when I made myself a nice hunk of crumbed chicken with a couple of fried eggs on the side, my body said to me "I don't want to eat meat anymore. And you know those eggs you've always loved? Yeah, don't want those either. Deal with it."
I had no choice in the matter. I can still eat fish, so that makes me not a vegetarian, but a pescatarian. So I haven't eaten meat in nearly two weeks, and, strangely enough, I feel fine. The tiredness and dizzyness stopped after the first week, which makes me think I'm getting everything I need from what I'm eating.
When I eat, I don't feel bloated or sick, just full and content. So I'm kind of liking it, although I do kind of hope I do go back to eating it at least occasionally, because I love to cook and there are so many meals I was planning on making but they all involve meat... and Christmas is coming...

The bad things about being a pescatarian:

Explaining to people that you're not doing it to make a point about animal cruelty and then feeling slightly guilty when they look at you all askew and ask you why on earth not.
Using more dishes to make dinner because I live with a serious meat eater, so there's a meat meal for him and a veggie meal for me.

The good things about being a pescatarian:

I'm getting more creative with my cooking
Cooking has become more challenging
I'm discovering new recipes and find myself able to cook a meat version and a veggie version of the same meal at the same time.
I feel really healthy
I'm eating heaps more vegetables than I ever have
My troublesome skin is looking better and better every day (finally!)
Although I'm one of those girls that girls hate... I can eat whatever I want and not put on weight... :/ I always felt guilty about my eating habits, but now, food plays a slightly less important role in my life - I don't eat when I'm bored, I don't eat food just because it's there, and I don't eat too much

The best thing about being a pescatarian:

My brother is a personal trainer and he's had some diet issues himself, so in our family he's the go-to guy for all things fitness and nutrition. So I told him about it on Sunday night and one thing he said has really stuck with me: "It's great that you're so aware of your body". That made me feel really proud, because, even though it freaked me out at first and I thought something must be wrong with me, I've now come to accept it. I've listened to what my body wants and, even though I don't understand why it wants what it wants, it's making me feel like a healthier, better-rounded person, and I think there's something to be said about trusting your instincts.

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  1. I LOVE FISH! I LOVE VEGGIES and I have tried to avoid meat...not successfully :)
    M.C.V. Egan