Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Missing that place I never expected to like

"I'd like to rest, my heavy head tonight, on a bed, of Wairarapa stars, I'd like to lay my, weary bones tonight, on a bed, of Wairarapa stars..."

If I close my eyes and listen to this song, I can feel the fresh country air whipping through my hair, I can smell the dirt and the sheep and the cows and the grass, and I can see the long, seemingly endless roads stretched out before me. Although this song really has nothing to do with living in the country, I dscovered it when I was living there, and played it loud in my car whenever I felt like I was truly achieving things and was generally on top of the world.
It has popped up on my playlist on shuffle over the past couple of weeks and every time I hear it I miss the Wairarapa with a passion. You might remember this post where I bragged a little about living in such a beautiful place and this post, where I said goodbye to that beautiful place.
I nearly spent two summers there, so now that summer is almost within arm's reach, I'm longing for some country air. Sure, I'm lucky to live where I do - in the Hutt Valley ("The little city that tries hard" - according to Joshua - haha), just minutes away from the Coolest Little Capital in the World, and we have grand plans of visits to the local beaches, a trip to the south coast, a day long walk to the Pencarrow Lighthouse, this summer, but a slightly traitorous part of me longs to drive aimlessly down a long country road to nowhere, to risk life and limb climbing through a house that could fall down around us at any moment, to walk barefoot along the golden sand of Castlepoint, a place that feels like the end of the earth... maybe we will... it's not that far away... who knows what this summer will bring... but I have a good feeling that it will be a hot one, a great one, a happy one... with lots of ice cream, relaxing tunes, sand between our toes, kisses in the ocean, and fresh air...

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