Friday, November 23, 2012

Feel good Friday

Painful is the first thing that comes to mind when describing this week. But it's a good kind painful. Shins, calf muscles, arms, elbows, neck, abdominals , and elbows are hurting like a bitch after getting my butt into gear and kick starting my fitness with an outdoor fitness class run by my brother's girldfriend called Fury. Man it's hard. Yesterday, within about half an hour, we had to do 100 push ups, run forwards 700m, backwards 300m, 200 saddle jumps, and 200 squats. I didn't do it all, but I did most of it, and am feeling super sore today, but I know it will be worth it in the end.
Joshua and I are doing it together, so it's great being able to support and encourage each other, and now that we've got through the first two sessions - which I'm told are the hardest, apparently it gets easier from here - we're feeling good, despite the old person grunts that happen when we get out of a chair... and out of bed... and when I have to lift my arms higher than my shoulders...
My brain has also been working hard this week, because I've been tanking NaNoWriMo - 28,006 words so far! Not quite on target yet but I'm confident I'll make it to the 50,000 by the end of next week. The story is really starting to take shape and build up to its climax - what's going to happen? I dunno... But it's going to be something big, something near-death, something that reveals the truth about everyone and opens old wounds and pours salt in them...
If there's anything I've learnt from this whole NaNoWriMo thing, it's to not spend to much time planning - if any - not to restrict yourself to a specific storyline, to just let the characters form and take you where they like. That's the exciting part about it, the not knowing where you're going but knowing it's somewhere exciting. It's like some otherworldly force talking to you, telling you what to write and saying, "trust me, I have a point, this will all make sense in the end, just go with it."
Have a fabulous weekend peeps xo

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