Friday, November 9, 2012

Feel good Friday

Deep and meaningful discussions about life have been the name of the game this week, with some decisions made and some goals set. One of the goals I've set is to run Round The Bays 2013 (a 7km charity run/walk around Wellington's bays, which I usually walk with my sister and mum while the boys run) - this is pretty big considering I've only "been for a run" twice in my life that I can remember. The first time was so painful and horrible that I gave up - that was a couple of years ago - and decided that walking was just as good as running. But I went for a 30min run on Wednesday and surprised myself - I only had to walk a couple of times for about a minute each time, but I now have a tougher mentality to keep going even if it hurts or if my lungs are burning. Man was I sore yesterday... but I'm doing it again today - I'm planning on running to the gym, doing a workout, then running back. Oh, and I've told my brother and his girlfriend I'm going to do the bootcamp that they run, which starts on the 17th... Feeling gooooood!

Have a great weekend peeps xo

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