Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Four weeks to go!!

I think it's officially time to get excited about Christmas people! Four weeks to go and counting! So I hope you guys aren't Christmas haters because I plan to do a weekly Christmas post, because, yes, I am a Christmasaholic.

Right about now the highly organised will have their lists sorted, and their Chritamas shopping action plan in place. The highly unorganised will be set to tear their hair out on Christmas Eve, wondering, as they do every year, why they didn't get organised this time.
Every year I tell my family "I don't want anything for Christmas, just as long as we have some good food, the family is all together and the sun is shining I'm happy". But we still get each other presents for fear of that moment when someone asks "what did you get for Christmas?" and you reply "nothing" and they look at you like you're poor and/or unloved.
But still, the best part about Christmas has always been the food, the family and the sunshine (when we're having a lucky year - fingers crossed for a scorching hot Christmas Day like last year!). If we have those three things, that's all we need in my opinion.
So although I would love to live in a society where presents are at the bottom of the list of important things at Christmas time, I don't. So I'm one of the highly organised ones who starts listening to the little things people mention they might like from about October and start my shopping in November because it's always nice to get a well thought out present from someone you love. Something you never knew you wanted but suits you completely.
So how about you? Have you thought about Christmas presents at all yet? Do you do extravagant or go by the theory 'good things come in small packages'?

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