Thursday, November 22, 2012

NaNoWriMo update

After a very unproductive second week on account of being preoccupied for reasons I can't (yet) discuss, it's been a very productive third week with the creation of an inspiration wall - the wall above my dining table being covered in postit notes, with ideas contributed by Joshua and myself. I'm now up to 26,709 words, so I'm over halfway, but not yet where I need to be.

The best part about week three: Cracking the halfway point and really getting to know my characters.
The hardest part about week three: Keeping the story interesting so I still want to keep writing it.
The funniest part about week three: Joshua getting a wee bit jealous of one of my main characters, a charmingly handsome irishman named Patrick Murphy, to be sure...

The cafe is always a happy place on a Friday, and I always delight in seeing the customers’ happy faces as they come in for their morning treats and pick-me-ups.
I especially delight in Patrick’s arrival, because he’s just so nice to look at. Even wearing scruffy clothes and work boots, he always looks a picture as he leans casually on the counter and flashes Joan or Janet a big Irish smile full of charm. Sometimes if one of them says something funny his big brown eyes will crease at the edges and a wavy lock of thick chocolate hair will fall over his eye, which he pushes back with a work roughened hand.

You guys... you know how I love New Zealand to the point of obsession? Check out what happened yesterday! For the second time this year! Wow. The power of mother nature just blows me away. Love this place.

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