Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NaNoWriMo: What next?

On finishing NaNoWriMo, I spent a blissful weekend doing not very much and not thinking about very much. As the next week began, I decided my novel and I needed some distance. We had spent far too much time together and needed a break from each other - personal space, you know? So we agreed to go our separate ways until January. Now, even though life is moving at quite the frantic pace, the few moments I have spare are spent wondering what on earth to do with myself now that I don't have a goal of 50,000 words to work towards. In those moments, all I can think about is getting my hands on those printed pages and a red pen and getting to work.
So, sure, I'm less than two weeks out from a two week break, and sure, editing is part of my day job, but screw it, I'm starting now! I suppose I can justify it by saying, I want to keep up the momentum, right?

I've decided to take up Createspace's offer of five free paperback copies of your novel for NaNoWriMo winners, but I have to have it ready before June...

So, 144 doubled-spaced pages printed, annnnnnd go!

"I’m a little nervous about all this you know. What is she playing at, seducing the nicest guy on the planet? Not that he would take much seducing - he’s absolutely smitten with her, it’s written all over his face when he looks at her, his body language when he talks to her.
I wish I could do something, stop the poor guy from getting hurt, but I can’t, I’m just a jar of jam. All I can do is watch as the foundations of this little town begin to crumble.
Oh Lily, I’m glad you came back, but you don’t realise what you’ve started."

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