Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Down by the river

What is it about water that makes us feel so at peace? Why do thousands of Kiwi's flock to rivers, oceans, lakes, on every sunny day?
On Friday, New Zealand - Wellington especially - got some big news. The ten day weather forecast showed nothing but sun, sun, and more sun. No cloud, no rain, not even wind. For a whole ten days in a row. This may sound silly to some of you living in predicable, consistent climates, but for us it's a miracle. Often our weather looks like all four seasons in one day, no lie.
So on Saturday morning, instead of staying inside doing the boring domestic things I normally do, I put my book and a picnic blanket in my bag and headed down the road to the river.
Although there's a motorway running alongside it., the sound of cars turns into a dim murmur as you sit by the river and listen to the water flowing by and the light breeze rustling the trees above you. I wish I could capture on camera the way the water sparkles.
Maybe it's the sheer strength of water that has us all in awe of it, or maybe it's as simple as this: it cools you down. But the sense of calm you get just hearing the water flowing, that's more than just relief, that's peace. Hope you're all having a good week whatever weather you're having. xo

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