Friday, February 1, 2013

Rest in peace Sir Paul Holmes

Today New Zealand lost a true kiwi icon, Sir Paul Holmes. A long serving TV and radio broadcaster, Sir Paul has graced the living room of many a kiwi since the 1980's best known for his current affairs show, Holmes. He was a brilliant journalist who was never afraid to ask the hard questions and do whatever it took to get a good story, but he was also a man committed to the New Zealand people, and who did what he could to break down barriers of judgement.
Hi voice is one I remember well from my childhood, as I grew up watching his show at 7pm on TV1 during or after dinner. As kids, we never liked the news - we always asked our parents "whyyyyyyy do you have to watch the news every night? It's so boooooring, let's watch The Simpson's instead." But we always liked watching Holmes after the news. His booming voice spoke to us as we sat at the table with our bowls of ice cream watching him take on the latest controversial stories, crack jargon-speaking politicians, and bring the sometimes awful plights of kiwi people into the public eye.
He died surrounded by family at his home, after battling heart disease and prostate cancer. He was 62.
So rest in peace Sir Paul, and thanks for the memories.

"Those were our people today, that's Holmes tonight"
- Sir Paul Holmes

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