Thursday, February 28, 2013

And the sunshine continues

This summer, we have been blessed with the most amazingly consistent weather, something we haven't had in years. First came the heatwave on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then came a whole 10 days of non stop sunshine and heat, and then the temperature dropped a couple of degrees but the sunshine just kept going and going and going. And it's still going, right up to the last day of summer.
In Wellington especially, we've always had such unpredictable weather - even in the middle of summer it can be raining with a howling southerly one day and brilliant sunshine the next - so it's been such a relief to have some consistent weather for a change.
As much as I love my once in a lifetime tan I've acquired this summer, I can't help looking forward to my favourite season, autumn. This morning instead of walking out of the house into the lovely summer warmth, I took a deep gulp of fresh chilly air, which is my favourite part about autumn. That crispness, the freshness, the dampness of the air just makes me feel alive. It's invigorating.
It feels like we've been enjoying summer so much that we've forgotten that autumn is just around the corner, but the shops haven't forgotten, that's for sure. I went into the mall yesterday and the shops were full of winter coats, chunky knit cardigans, scarves and hats - the cozy stuff, my favourite kind of clothing.
I would say "See ya later summer", but it kind of doesn't feel like we're saying goodbye just yet. The sun is still shining, it's still beach weather, so I plan to enjoy these last days or weeks as it may be of sunshine before we all get to snuggle up in winter woollies and drink hot tea with a good book.
Hope the weather's being good to you, wherever you are. xo

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