Friday, February 15, 2013

I am what I eat - Week 3

There comes a point when you're trying to make a big life change, whether it's making yourself healthier, fitter, or getting your skin healthy, when you just hit the wall, even just a little bit, and for a few days you're just over it and wonder why you can't eat crap food like everyone else and not feel tired, slobby and get breakouts. And so you tell yourself "just this one time wont hurt" and you gobble down your mac'n'cheese full of things you're not supposed to eat. Then you eat some chocolate and feel instantly guilty. Then that, combined with a bit of stress, shows on your face. Well that's what it's been like for me this week anyway, and it's started showing on my face, though nowhere near as badly as it used to. So now that my engagement party is only two weeks away (!!!) I know I have to get serious and stop hitting the wall, remembering that everything I eat has an effect on the health and appearance of my skin. Sure, other people can eat what they want and have great skin, but I just have to accept that I'm not one of those people.
So from today onwards, I'm determined not to eat anything I shouldn't and take this busy life of mine in my stride instead of getting stressed about it.
One good thing came out of this week however, and that's my family following suit. Mum, who is already very health conscious, went and bought herself a water bottle (Eco tanka) because I told her Anya (naturopath) said you shouldn't drink out of bottles that aren't meant to be refilled - ie. Pump bottles. And my sister went on a shopping spree at Commonsense Organics because she wanted some of this "never-ending energy" I get from breakfast. I haven't forced anyone into anything, they've just seen my energy and my great skin and wanted it for themselves, so I'm really happy to be continuing this chain reaction my brother started and passing it round. Here's to a happy, healthy life for all!

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