Thursday, February 28, 2013

I am what I eat - Week 5

Well, it's just two days until my engagement party and, although I'm not doing this whole "I am what I eat" thing just for the sake of looking and feeling good at the party, it is really good to have something to shoot for.
It's like any kind of diet, or lifestyle change as I like to call it. You know what certain things will do to your body, but sometimes you just can't resist. Even with my skin the way it is, so troublesome and fussy and sensitive, and even though it makes me feel down when it's not looking so good, sometimes you fall off the wagon. Now, I haven't fallen off the wagon this week, but having something to look forward to, something to look good for is such a good way to not fall off the wagon.
So although I am kicking myself a little bit for letting greasy, sugary food lead me astray in week 3 because it gave me a breakout and set me back a week, it was also a good test, because now I know exactly what I shouldn't eat to avoid breakouts. I've also realised that, yes, stress does cause breakouts, but, as a lot of people do, I don't eat very well when I'm stressed, so maybe the stress is just a tiny piece of the problem. So this week has been very, very busy, but the breakouts have stayed away because I've remained level headed and chosen to ignore things I would normally be stressed about and decided to deal with them when life quietens down in the next couple of weeks, while still eating good, simple food.
So now I have to ask myself: What do I have to shoot for after the party?
So many things!
First of all, my fabulously talented photographer friend Michelle has asked me to collaborate with her in a project she's doing - photographing women without makeup on. It scares the bejesus out of me, being photographed without makeup, but I can imagine it being an enlightening experience and I'm so looking forward to it!
Then there's my birthday in the middle of of the year. Every year I've said to myself "by my birthday I'm going to have my skin sorted" and it's never happened because I've just tried new skincare products, googled a bunch of "healthy skin recipes" and never made them, or resolved to do an at-home facial 2-3 times a week and forgotten. But now it's so possible. And seriously, 25 is far too old to still be having teenage skin problems I've decided.
Then, of course, there's the wedding, which we're hoping to have at the end of the year. By then, I'll be like "Skin problems? What skin problems?"

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