Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There is no excuse!

I used to moan about living in an upstairs apartment with no outside/no grass on which to create a vegetable garden. While I still moan about having no outside and no grass, after I saw this picture of a guy who grew £900 of food on his balcony and windowsills in a year, I realised there is no excuse to not start my garden. I have balcony space that doesn't get used so damnit I'm using it! So two weekends ago (in the middle of a drought - real smart timing Sarah...) I went to out with mum and dad to buy some pots, plants, soil and tools to get me started. It's not much and I'm certainly not going to grow enough food for us to never visit the supermarket again, but it's a start! Right now it's really just a way for me to learn about gardening, as I've never really gardened before apart from a couple of stints with mum as a kid which I quickly lost interest in when I realised my sunflowers would take months to grow.
So I've started simply with a few herbs: Parsley, chives, rosemary and basil because I always used the herbs growing in the garden when cooking with mum back in the day - fresh herbs just make a dish that much more delicious! I've got a couple of vegetables, as there's not a lot you can grow at this time of year (but mark my words, in spring, it's on!) so I've got: spring onions, spinach and broccoli. Yum!

I also bought an amazing recipe book the other day, full of beautiful recipes using fresh, whole foods and all those awesome "super foods" like quinoa and couscous. Can't wait to use the stuff I've grown in these recipes! Yum!

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